• 500 plastic shell chairs
  • Black velvet folding chairs “Apolline”
  • 20 round tables (1,50m diameter)
  • 20 rectangular tables (1,80 m x0,80 m) 
  • 6  black leather high stools
  • 7 black leather low chairs without arms
  • 4 black leather low tables 60 cm x 60 cm


  • Electrical power: access to 4 three-phase power P17 32A plugs
  • 1 kitchen/pantry with 32A mono plug, 20A plugs
  • Staff offices
  • 2 RJ45 plugs for high-speed internet access
  • 6 CISCO Meraki WiFi terminals

Delivery access point

  • Two delivery accesses possible according to the type of vehicle and its volume and height (66 av. Raymond Poincaré and 69 rue Boissière)
  • Electric low-lift pallet trucks Fenwick T16 to transfer goods from street level down to venue via parking access ramp.


At La Grande Crypte, you will benefit from a network of selected partners for their high standard services and their extensive knowledge of our venue operations.

For all technical services (sound and video system, lightning, power distribution…), SQUARE EVENT is granted to work at La Grande Crypte.

  • Audiovisual equipments, screens, sound system,
  • Decoration and stage design
  • Lighting products



La Grande Crypte offers its referenced catering partners’ services for welcoming coffees, coffee breaks, seated meals, cocktails, finger food, etc.:


Thanks to an ultra-secure wireless high-speed connexion, you will stay connected to the internet at all times during your events at La Grande ​C​rypte. 

Relying on a dedicated optical fibre high speed symetrical WIFI connectivity infrastructure, together with our IT partner BlackBorder, we offer you a large palette of connectivity services.


An ultra-secure connectivity

  • Antivirus​, against infected softwares, malwares, spywares
  • Spam-filters​ ​against intruding emails
  • Anti-trespassing against all exterior intrusions, protects all connexions including data and transactions​ ​
  • Content grant access system

A garanteed connectivity of great capacity

  • Infrastructure based on 3 different networks (fibre, 4G+)
  • 1 symetrical Gb/s speed
  • 6 CISCO Meraki WiFi terminals
  • 600 simultaneous WIFI connexions capacity

A private and customisable network

  • Customised WIFI network name
  • Customised connexion page
  • Online contents
  • Real time questions and quiz platform

With our partners Falcon Company and DSD we can provide hosts and hostesses wearing the colors of your organization:

  • reception services
  • cloakroom services
  • badging services

With our partners Falcon Security and DSD, we make sure your event runs smoothly with our security experts: 

  • security guards with detectors
  • SSIAP agents (Fire Safety and Personal Assistance Services)…


You wish to bring out the best of your event, its speakers and guests, and share the best moments (cocktail, seated meals, conference theatre style seating, cabaret style seating, or stands and exhibition areas), your partner JLB photos offers top notch services:

– day and half-day photo-reportage

– photocall